Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Out And About

by Zylostout

Wow, look at all those balloons! He must be having a party, right? Looks like the Grummle just made a delivery, probably food and drink. Maybe I can sneak in once the other guests start to arrive...or maybe he's just lonely and needs to be cheered up.

Gimmlette here. I was enamored by the photo so I set out to find this place. You need to go north of Sri-La Village along the coast. Once you're there, you'll find a fox named "Dig" in addition to a Grummle.

The Grummle is confused as to how he arrived at this location. I think I would be, too.

Go inside and talk to Kar.

I accidentally hit my auto run button and he said, "Slow down. Life is to be savored." I know the phrases are random, but that caught me by surprise. Then, when I clicked on him, in addition to the text he said, "You have the eyes of one who has traveled much."

I stood there and waited for the house to take off. Alas, it doesn't. Thanks, Zylo, for sending this in. Kar's got a great view, a lovely little home, one you could visit often even if he is a bit surly.

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