Monday, March 16, 2015

Suggestion Box

by Gimmlette

Inaara suggested this hunter-specific, totally cosmetic idea. Even with the "Lone Wolf" talent, part of hunter-ing is having a pet. There are times when even the solo hunter wants his or her pet out. Inaara suggests that there be collars we can get for our pets. This would be a cosmetic addition, much like shirts are for us. 

I could get behind this idea. A group of hunters in a recent heroic Terrace of Endless Springs raid demonstrates what could happen. (Georgeyporgy, Mullingrew, Neolatro, me and Taraksa, left to right.) We've got wolves and a core hound and a spirit beast. Sparkly collars would look cool on the purple wolves or the spirit beasts. While my core hound (Formerly The Beast from UBRS) has a spiky collar, I'd love to see something with more pronounced spikes; maybe flaming. Neolatro's wolf would look excellent in the standard spiked collar of lore. 

Have them come in colors, maybe the Roy G Biv of our learning the colors of the rainbow. I don't know that I'd get a collar for all my pets. I'm kind of used to my favorite, UrsaMajor, a Loch Modan bear, running without a collar, but I would consider matching or complementing the color of my spirit beast porcupines with a collar; the green one gets a festive red collar while the blue one could have a sparkly blue collar. 

It would be too much to be able to add a collar with the pet's name on it. It would give the design team fits to make a collar with a pet's name react to all the things we ask the hunter pet to do and still be able to read the name, but that would be way cool. I'd have collars for ALL my pets then. 

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