Monday, March 30, 2015

Suggestion Box

by Gimmlette

There was another run of Icecrown Citadel early this month. We find ourselves in ICC quite a bit as we have a number of people working on  Shadowmourne. It's also a great place for transmog gear, particularly for the angular, dark looks of the pieces.

We had just downed Lord Marrowgar and were headed to Lady Deathwhisper when the rolls came up for this shield. Skiptank won the need roll (for transmog) with a 1. There is an achievement for rolling a 100 on a greed roll for a piece over item level 185. We believe there should be an achievement for rolling a need roll of 1 and winning. Maybe it could be called "So No One Else Wanted That, Eh?" or something equally semi-snarky.

You'd never get it while running current content, due to the "Personal Loot" setting, unless someone forgot to set that while running a 5-man and no one else wanted the gear that dropped. It would mainly come from doing low level runs. In Spectacular Death, we had a great laugh about this roll and we're pretty sure other groups see this and find it guffaw-worthy. It should be an achievement.

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