Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Quest Hub

by Gimmlette

So I was running a 5-man obtained out of the inn in my garrison. Generally, I just accept whatever the quest is that the guy with the blue ! over his head has for me. I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the actual quest. (I do wonder what Mylune is doing with all those tiny peachicks I bring her. Why isn't my garrison overrun with peacocks of various sizes?)

Anyway, I ran an instance with guild mates and then went to my inn to turn things in. One of the quests required this as a turn in; something I had automatically looted off the boss at the end of Bloodmaul Slag Mines.

First of all, I had to actually go back to Shattrath City to watch the drama unfold between Cro and the fruit vendor. "Oh yeah. Flavor in Lower City." Then, here I am, turning in a head I've stuffed into my bags.

"Bring me the head of X" quests are a staple of the game. I don't remember how many I've done over the years that I've played. There doesn't seem to be a "head count" (pun gleefully intended) of just how many you would encounter while leveling. At one time, I entertained the idea of doing, but never completing, as many as I could, sticking these heads into my bank. I have a bunch of new toons, made to save a particular name that I stumbled upon and liked. I should start to level one of those and see just how many of these I can find. At the very least, opening my bank to see a whole bunch of heads staring back at me will make an interesting screenshot.

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